At MS Palya

Knowledge Center


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Equipped with Smart Boards, possessing a dimension of approx. 29 x 25 Sq. Ft’, and well ventilated.

Computer Lab

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Equipped 2 Computer labs for the use of students on a day-to-day basis.


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A school library serves as the center and coordinating agency for all material used in the school.

Dance Room

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Equipped with musical instruments for learning all forms of dance.

Art & Craft

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Offers a range of activities for children to make cards, masks, gifts etc.


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One indoor play area, front play area and adjacent ground.

Activity Area

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Our activity area is spacious and equipped with all the facilities required.

Yoga Room

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Our mission is to empower students and teachers with yoga-inspired exercises to promote lifetime wellness.

Safety & Security

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Safety net at the school centre courtyard 2nd floor level and periphery of the building.


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State of the art indoor auditorium with a seating capacity of 350 with audio-visual facility.


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GPS tracking system and lady attender/conductor facility in the bus.


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Yes with staff nurse on duty and doctor on call facility with nearest hospital tieup.

Sports & Games

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Physical education

With special emphasis on physical education and physical fitness, RCIS, MS Palya boasts of excellent sports infrastructure. Our extensive programme aims at inculcating fitness and proficiency and covers a whole range of games, sports, outdoor activities, yoga and aerobics.

All the major games, including Cricket, Hockey, Football, Badminton and Kho-Kho are played by the students. Indoor games such as Table Tennis, Chess and Carom Board are available for rainy days. Yoga is taught to the students with an aim to develop a higher level of concentration and flexibility. Hikes, Camps, field trips and study tours are organised regularly to enable the children to explore and to learn pragmatically.

All Concordian are encouraged to take part in sports activities of their choice.

Athletics and cricket team of RCIS have won at District and National level tournaments.


Club activities generate further interest and involvement in areas relating to their subjects and other fields of knowledge and actions. There are number of clubs where students pursue their hobbies and interests and develop their talents.

  • Science Club
  • Literary Club

Transportation Services

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Royale Concorde International School provides the best transportation facility to its students.With a fleet comprising of 50 buses, that ply on all the routes of various localities in Bangalore, RCIS is well connected. Top priority is given to the cleanliness of the buses, with well maintained bus coaches, trained drivers, lady attendants and First-Aid kits.

RCIS strives to provide safe, comfortable, convenient and timely student transportation to and from school and also extra-curricular events. The Drivers and Staff are well trained in safe handling of the kids.

The transport facility is equipped with bus tracking/GPS system. These are well monitered at our central facility and parents are informed about the bus movements at regular intervals.

Medicare Services

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At RCIS, your kids are our kids. A dedicated medical facility is available for all the students at the school. Assistance of the nearby hospitals is taken in case of injuries during school hours.

Annual health check up camps are regularly conducted at the school. During hobby classes topics like basic first aid, nutrition, infectious diseases, health and hygiene are taught to students to make them aware and be prepared for medical emergencies.

Height and Weight of students are taken annually to monitor their growth. Awareness about health, nutrition and hygienic habits with audio visuals are regularly conducted at the school.

Security 24X7

Safeguarding the well being of all students and staff is the primary concern @ RCIS, MS Palya. Responsible and vigilant staff will make a big difference to the safety and security of the students at our school. High-tech security cameras have been installed in the school premises for ensuring safety in and around the school campus.

Security staff are available 24x7 to man the premises as well as assist in the smooth traffic movements of the school on a day to day basis. Visitors and parents pass are issued to monitor entry and exit of visitors. Bonafide staff & students of the school are issued ID Cards.

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Security Information & Measures at RCIS,MS Palya Round the clock security service.

  • All staff and students must wear school id card in the school premises.
  • Only school staff – faculty, maintenance staff, maids, office attenders are permitted near the class room areas as per their duty.
  • Transport staff – drivers / cleaners are not permitted to enter classrooms until advised and permitted by the transport head.
  • All visitors / service providers will be issued an id card / pass .
  • Parents will be issued parent pass when visiting school office – except on PTM days.
  • RCIS staff are requested to check / stop if any person is found in classroom areas / corridors without id card.
  • No staff member will interact with a student behind closed doors.
  • Male staff will not meet girl students individually.
  • Corporal punishment is an offence and no RCIS staff will exercise it under any circumstances.
  • Any student found in areas not relevant / appropriate to their age / class will be immediately questioned and class teacher / academic head informed.
  • No RCIS staff will interact with students beyond school hours unless with sanction of the school authorities.

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