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Moment the child steps into RCIS, Kalyan Nagar, the child begins its journey of learning.This journey continues, beyond the school, when the child leaves the school equipped with life-skills necessary for the independent lifelong learning.

Registration for admission will be open, as per the procedure laid down for this purpose.

Step 1 : The School prospectus must be obtained from school office and the registration form in it should be completed, complying with the instructions in all respects

Step 2 : The duly filled up form should be submitted to the school by the date laid down for this purpose.The Application form can be downloaded from here and submitted along with Registration fee at the school office.

Minimum age requirement

Children must fulfill the minimum age requirement laid down by the school.

By June 1st of the session to which admission is being sought, they must have reached the minimum age as shown below.

Pre KG : 2 years 10 months

KG I : 3 years 10 months

KG II : 4 years 10 months

Class I : 5 years10 months

Documents required

The registration form must be accompanied by

Certificate of the Date of birth of the child from the municipal records. Without the certificate of the Date of birth the application for registration will not be considered. - In the case of higher classes Transfer Certificate mentioning the Date of birth is mandatory.

Registration does not in any way guarantee admission.

Admission to Std. XI/XII

Admission will be open from April to June of the year the admission is sought. The school has a cut off percentage at the class Xth Board Exam for granting admission. Students who have passed Std. X from CBSE/ICSE exams may apply along with Xth Results.

Admission Test

Children once registered will be given admission tests, which may consist of interviews and tests written or oral, or both, as laid down by the school for different levels. For primary classes and above, the tests will be in English, Hindi and Mathematics and any other subject which may be considered necessary.

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The offer of admission will depend on :
  • The child’s performance in the test / interview
  • Availability of vacancies in the class concerned
  • General proficiency of the child

The decision of the selection committee is final and binding on the parent & students seeking admission.

Students once offered admission must complete the following formalities by the date intimated, or the offer will stand cancelled :
  • Submission of evidence of date of birth.
  • Submission of Transfer Certificate from a recognized school, duly countersigned by the appropriate authority.
  • Proof of passing the lower class along with Xerox of report card / mark sheet.
  • TC, if not produced at the time of admission is to be submitted within 30 days of joining the school, failing which the student is liable for withdrawal.
  • Fees and dues are payable in full by a new student at the time of admission.

The name, class, section and Admission Number of the student must be written on the reverse of the cheque.

At the time of Admission, new students will pay fees as follows:

  • Admission fee
  • Annual charges
  • First installment of tuition fee

The following are not included in the Tuition fees:

  • Books
  • Uniforms
  • Transportation
  • Coaching in dance, music, specialised sports, swimming, school trips etc.
  • Smart class by Educomp
Rules regarding Term Fees
  • If fees are not paid in full by the specified date, a fine will be imposed.
  • In case the dues are not cleared, disciplinary action will be taken.
  • If a student is withdrawn from the school, a notice of at least 30 days must be given, otherwise the fees for that period will become payable.
  • Withdrawal notice must be given in writing by the parent/s only.

Code of Conduct

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To aim at the standards that the RCIS has set, we expect the highest order of discipline and conduct from our students, with respect to their

  • Hygiene, turnout, attendance, regularity and punctuality
  • Behaviour, courtesy, manners, language and conduct
  • Respect for school property, its image - everything and everyone in it
  • Abiding by the school rules and regulations in all areas
Disciplinary Committee

In the event of the student breaking the rules of conduct, the disciplinary committee will issue a warning or censure, which may lead to suspension or dismissal from school

For Parents & Guardians

Children and their future are a common cause and goal for parents and for RCIS. We understand that the high challenges we have set for ourselves cannot be met without the school working in tandem with parents. The school has a set of rules, regulations and guidelines, so that it can run smoothly and fulfill its objectives effectively. Parents are requested to read the handbook provided to the students when they join the family at RCIS. We look forward to your fullest co-operation in our mission.

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