From The Principal's Desk

Mrs. Pinkey Singh

Welcome to the Royale Concorde International School!

We hope to present you with a glimpse of the way RCIS plans to go about its mission of bringing up its children to be world citizens while being steeped in Indian traditions and value system. While Academics is our primary focus area, we accord equal importance to the other aspects of a wholesome education. In a world solely (and, perhaps, mindlessly) running after mark sheets portraying near Centum, we hope to present a saner voice. The true success of our children will depend as much on the stellar grades they achieve as on the way they conduct themselves, think and articulate those thoughts, handle adversity and the dignity and integrity with which they function. RCIS pledges to provide Education that encompasses all of these.

We realise, that for the above to happen, the parents and teachers at home and the parents and teachers here at school must come together in a partnership based on mutual trust and respect. Together, we hope to take RCIS from strength to strength as it creates an organisational culture that'll promote the virtues and skill sets that we wish to see in our children by the time they pass out from the portals of this august institution. Together we'll create a generation of world citizens who will be well prepared to handle the ever-increasing challenges of sustaining a planet that we call our world.

‘There's no saying where a teacher's influence ends. She affects eternity...’

-Henry Adams

  • Is a graduate of the Lucknow University and holds a Master's Degree in English and Psychology, a B.Ed from the Isabella Thoburn College and a Diploma in Digital Literacy from the University of Pennsylvania's Graduate School of Education.
  • Has a rich experience of 26 years in some of the best schools of the country. Before joining RCIS, she has worked with Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, The Aditya Birla Public School of The Aditya Birla Group and the Head of Quality Control, Research and Development for the 24 Branches of the Sunbeam Group of Institutions.
  • Has conducted many workshops on Effective Communication, 21st Century Skills, Curriculum Implementation, NEP 2020, Mind Tools and VUCA among other topics of modern-day school education.
  • Has travelled widely and interacted with schools across the country and overseas.
  • Has acquired core competencies in Leadership & Teamwork, Critical Thinking,Collaborative Planning and Implementation.
  • Is blessed with a Positive Attitude and Physical Fitness that is the source of her joyous spirit and endless energy.
  • Is passionate about her hobbies that include Reading, Writing Articles, Online Blogs, Quizzing, Travelling to distant lands and Giving Motivational talks.

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